Do your clients...

  • Blame themselves for gaining weight?

  • Practice harmful behaviours to control their weight?

  • Constantly focus on weight-centric goals or outcomes?

Are you....

  • Struggling to keep up-to-date with weight science?

  • Looking for a way to teach weight science to your clients in one-to-one or group counselling?

  • In need of templates to use in practice or scripts to guide you in conversations with clients?

  • In need of a step-by-step process to help clients focus on health outcomes?

Understanding weight science can help

When clients understand "the WHY" behind weight science, they stop blaming themselves and can focus on health outcomes and behaviours that move beyond weight-specific goals. The Health Not Weight course will help you:

  • Understand weight science (physiological impact of weight stigma, weight cycling, appetite hormones, stress and so much more)

  • Explore clients goals, values and barriers in assessments

  • Communicate/teach weight science to clients

  • Normalize weight changes with client

  • Confidently support clients to focus on health

What you'll learn

The Health Not Weight program is designed specifically for healthcare providers struggling to help clients focus on health outcomes instead of weight. Get the most up-to-date information about weight science, resources to use in practice and tools to support your client focus on health.

  • Weight Bias & Stigma

    Learn the psychological and psychological impact that weight bias and stigma has on clients and how this may affect behaviour changes.

  • Weight & Appetite Regulation

    Expand your knowledge on energy balance, neurohormones involved in weight change, appetite and hunger physiology.

  • Impact of Weight Change

    Explore the factors that affect weight and appetite regulation, including dieting and weight-cycling, changes to gut microbiota and centres of the brain.

  • Teach Weight Science

    Use samples of translating the science of weight into one-to-one counselling or in group sessions

  • Reframing goals

    Using the Health not Weight Ice-Berg Model, assess and reframe clients goals to help shift to a health-focused model.

  • Resources

    Add resources, tools and handouts to your practice, share with clients or learn more on topics explored in the Health not Weight course.

The Health Not Weight Program is expanding

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Program Phases




Course Details

  • Group-based online learning

  • Live teaching

  • Live Q&A coaching and group discussions

  • Recorded sessions

  • Private online community support

  • Provider guides, scripts, checklists, client handouts

  • Full access to a resource library

Bonus material

Unique tools you will receive in the program

  • Health Not Weight Provider Guide©

    You can use this step-by-step guide in clinical practice and fine-tune the sections to meet your individual counselling skills and clients' needs.

  • Health Not Weight Iceberg Assessment tool©

    Using the HNW Iceberg Assessment Tool with clients may help visualize their barriers, values and goals, supporting a shift in their expectations.

  • Health Not Weight Weight Storyboard tool©

    The HNW Weight Storyboard tool walks you through a step-by-step process, using calculations and scripts to support you with clients that fear weight gain, have self-blame, or unrealistic weight-related goals, etc. This tool used in combination with the HNW Iceberg tool can help nurture a positive relationship with weight and health behaviours.

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Hi there!

Jennifer Brown, MSc., RD, CBE

I'm Jennifer Brown, a registered dietitian and advocate for changing the narrative about how we understand, talk and think about weight science. I struggled for years trying to support clients that were obsessed with losing weight, blaming themselves for not eating 'the-right-foods', and constantly looking for diets or ways to keep the weight off. I've spent over 15 years exploring the complexity of weight and appetite regulation to help clients understand the science behind weight changes and eating behaviours. I found that when clients understand 'the WHY' behind weight science, they stop blaming themselves and can focus on health outcomes and behaviours that move beyond weight-specific goals.

Topics I teach to clients: 

  • Physiology behind weight and appetite
  • Impact of weight stigma and discrimination
  • How dieting or weight cycling affects the body
  • Appetite hormones: ghrelin, leptin, PPY, GLP-1, CCK, insulin, etc. 
  • Gut microbiota
  • Food reward
  • Centres of our brain that control our weight and eating behaviours

By translating the science of weight in a way that clients can understand HOW and WHY the body work, I've found that clients were empowered to focus on outcomes beyond weight loss or weight numbers.

As a busy healthcare provider, you may not have the time, energy or interest to review all the science and up-to-date information that has changed how we understand and view weight or health. That's why I created "Health not Weight"; a course that not only provides you with the information about weight science, but HOW to use it in one-to-one or group sessions with your clients. I'll walk you through all the evidence, controversies, resources and most importantly, step-by-step tools you can use with clients to support their journey and goals. 

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